Be Pure Through the Years


An Elevated Salon Experience with Be Pure

Thank you to all of our patrons & staff in seeing our mission and helping us grow into where we are today

Before the first doors of Be Pure opened on Butler Street in Lawrenceville back in 2012 (and later moved to Ohio River Blvd. in 2015), Kelly had a vision of creating something within the salon world outside of industry norms, truly carving a path using clean beauty standards without compromising luxury, quality & satisfaction. What is quite indicative in the name itself, Be Pure’s focus around beauty ensures that customers can find a safe and toxic-free haven of unparalleled expertise and care.

Over the years much of the public has focused more on health with paying attention to the ingredients we put into and on our bodies. The trending buzz words of clean beauty has further evolved into a revolution of better-informed and conscientious consumers. We’ve become more aware of the effects of ingredients such as parabens, formaldehydes, sulfates and glycols, and with that has come an increased demand for a higher standard in beauty products.

When you see article after article about studies of ingredients linking to health issues, it creates a level of mistrust in what you thought was reliable because you’ve used it for years. Yet the reality is, companies have not been so transparent about their practices, and the pressure has been put on the consumer to stay informed. That’s why at the salon, we take the burden off by making sure that any products we use or carry are something we fully stand behind and use ourselves.

Setting the Standard

We aren’t your standard salon for a reason, because we care about more than just the satisfaction customers get while sitting in our chair. We provide high-quality, non-toxic and organic products so clients can look and feel their best even when they walk out of our door. It’s more than just a service, it’s an experience. It’s why we love what we do and stand by our quality products and services.

Sustainable Practices

Kelly & the team at Be Pure has spent years researching and perfecting a cleaner and more sustainable practice within the salon industry. We swear by our products that utilize naturally derived, organic ingredients while also cutting down our waste. OWay, for instance, comes in infinitely recyclable aluminum and glass packaging. Even your hair clippings are recycled (more on that in another article)!

Customers that walk through our doors at Be Pure are more than just a patron, you are like family. We listen to your stories and ask about your families, we remember you by name & we offer you a drink just as a friend would when coming for a visit just to catch up.

From Kelly, Be Pure Founder & Owner

“I want to express my deepest appreciation for your continued support of Be Pure Organic Salon. Your loyalty and support has been instrumental in our journey to provide the highest level of service, sophistication, and care. We cherish every opportunity to serve you and create clean beauty experiences that exceed your expectations. We look forward to continuing this beautiful journey together, and it is with immense gratitude that we extend our sincere thanks to you for entrusting myself and Be Pure with your clean beauty needs. Heartfelt gratitude also to my amazing team, who’s dedication, talent, and hard work are the driving force behind the success of Be Pure Organic Salon. For believing in me and the mission of Be Pure…Your passion for the craft and embracing Be Pure’s vision make each and every one of you an invaluable part of the team. I am so proud your commitment to always going above and beyond to provide exceptional service to our guests. I love you girls!! To all of our amazing guests and to my incredible team, I have loved serving you, growing with you and learning from you over the past decade! It has be a wonderful decade that we have shared and I am so excited embrace the years to come.”  

We will continue to provide a valuable and elevated experience to those that want more than “just a trim”, and we are exceptionally grateful to everyone that has made it possible for us to serve you year after year.

Thank you for supporting your local and small businesses such as ours, in seeing our mission & helping us grow into where we are today. Hope to see you soon!

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